Ekrem Gjokaj

Ekrem Gjokaj is professor of rural economics at the Department of Environment and Agriculture Management of the IMC-M, where he teaches courses of Agriculture and Resource Policy, Sustainable Agriculture, Applied Natural Resources. Besides, he teaches courses in different public universities in Kosovo and as guest lecturer European Universities. Furthermore, he has vast experience in the management of the administration; he served in different positions like Head of Rural Programming and Coordination Division, then Director of Economic Analysis and Agricultural Statistics and recently CEO of IPARD Paying Agency. He has prepared and contributed in the drafting of numerous strategic documents and various concepts of agricultural and rural development programs and policies, starting from the design to implementation and evaluation of the strategies. His work so far has certainly covered a wide range of topics in management of rural development, environment, agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural policies, markets and trade policies. Prof. Gjokaj has played a key role in many research studies financed by different organizations and has been co-author of numerous technical/policy studies and also two development strategies (Kosovo’s ARDP 2007 – 13 and 2014-2020).