Jelena Stanojevic

Dr Jelena Stanojevic is a Professor of Economics and General Semester Coordinator at IBC-M, being responsible for ensuring a smooth introduction of IBCM- programmes to new students and coordination of academic activities of lecturers. She has been teaching at IBC-M for almost nine years in the Marketing and Management department and co-developed many syllabi in undergraduate and master courses. She has had a crucial role in designing the IBC-M new Master programme, as well as in the accreditation of both bachelor and master studies. Her teaching experience spreads to educational institutions in the region. Her commitment to lecturing was recognized in 2016 when she was awarded the Best Lecturer Award at IBC-M. As a guest lecturer, Dr Stanojevic has participated in lecturing at universities in Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Bulgaria and Lithuania, developing a wide network in many academic and research institutions and exchanging knowledge and experience with colleagues from different European universities. She has extensive research experience by working as a research associate on several research projects which resulted in over 50 published scientific articles and participation in numerous international scientific and business conferences. She has been engaged in the current Erasmus K2 IBC-M Project “Creating Theory to Practice Centers for Innovation and Employment” in the field of finance management, case study development, acting currently as the Organizing Committee Coordinator for the 2020 International Scientific Conference “Theory to Practice as a Cognitive, Educational and Social Challenge”. She has been a member of the organizing committee of several projects and conferences, member of an editorial and publishing council of the monographs and journals, as well as a reviewer in international journals. She has a wide experience in coordinating an organizational change and developing innovative study programmes and curricula.

Jelena acted as a key teaching staff member of the ENACT Module.