Host institution

2010 with the initiative of the Ministry of Education and international donors. IBC-M was first registered in Netherland and then became a fully independent higher education institution in Kosovo. The establishment IBC- M enabled the inclusion of the greatest number of students in the region of Mitrovica, Kosovo and Western Balkans. IBC-M is a regional player. Most of its students originating from outside Mitrovica and Kosovo it has one of the most international student mixes of any other university in the region. It is at present the only inter-ethnic higher educational institution in Kosovo and one of the most successful international efforts to include all communities from Kosovo. It was formed to improve employability through study programmes with a heavy focus on practice and skills, support economic development in the region and bridging the ethnic groups in Mitrovica.

IBC-M offers  levels of study programmes in the field of:

  1. International Sales and Marketing;
  2. Environmental and Agricultural Management;
  3. Public Service Management and Social Welfare
  4. Applied Information Technology
  5. International Management and Leadership (MA) Degree with Specialization in Business Management and Environmental Management.

All BA programmes include mandatory internships, worth a total of 30 ECTS in combination with an applied thesis project. All students are supported by an English Department, which provides English Preparatory Courses before they enrol at IBC-M. Upon enrolment, Academic English lessons and tutoring is delivered by a native speaker teacher throughout their study programmes.

IBC-M has also strived for and achieved a high level of quality. It holds international institutional, as well as programme accreditation from the German agency Evalag (Evaluationsagentur Baden-Württemberg) and the Kosovo Accreditation Agency. It is licensed as a higher education institution by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, (MEST), in Pristina. Therefore, all diplomas are issued by IBC-M under the Kosovo education system. Also, it offers double diplomas with the University College Denmark under the Danish Education system and University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania. This joint partnership developed as part of its founding, where IBC-M adopted a Danish curriculum to the local context and continues to have 10% of projects and theses double graded by Danish key teachers.

IBC-M is a member of the SPACE European Network for Business Studies and Languages and EURASHE. It participates in their conferences and learning activities (i.e. simulations) regularly.

Even though IBC-M is a business school, research activities are the core activity of the school through projects implementations, lecturer’s active participation in country and region research activities.

International Business College Mitrovica is the only college in the country that has a faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Management, which provides a unique interdisciplinary education in the management of critical environmental issues such as agricultural production, biodiversity, natural resources and renewable energy, offering real-world insights into modern environmental and agro-business practices and trends. Environmental and Agricultural Management (EAM) programme graduates professionals with skills needed by one of the challenging sectors of the country.