Announcing the new Jean Monnet module in best european practice in environment and agriculture (ENACT)

The academic staff of the Jean Monnet Module in Best European Practice in Environment and Agriculture is excited to announce that the European Commission, through its Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), has awarded ENACT members Mihone Kerolli Mustafa, Jelena Djokic, Ekrem Gjokaj and Jelena Stanojevic their first Erasmus+ grant for Jean Monnet Activities, as part of its 2020 call.

The grant concerns a new Jean Monnet Module, entitled ‘Best European Practice in Environment and Agriculture ‘ (ENACT), which contribute to Kosovo preparation into EU accession, by not only educating students but also working with professionals of the sectors. In particular, the module aims to provide students, practitioners and civil society with in-depth knowledge about the best European Practices in Environment and Agriculture and to prepare the country for negotiations on EU accession as well to contribute to the achievement of EU policy on agriculture and rural development and EU Environment Action Programmes. This Module will be introduced within the Environmental and Agricultural Management Department for existing IBC-M students as well as open to students from partnering institutions through roundtable debates and workshops/seminars and training to the working professionals.

In the short run, the Module will stimulate knowledge of best EU practices in agriculture and environment, through the prism of economics. The students will be equipped with the necessary theoretical expertise and practical skills to identify and analyse best practices in the fields of study and how they can be adopted to Kosovo realities.  Furthermore, the Module will also impact significantly on current and future research in the field of agriculture, environment and economics based on best EU practices. On the medium and long term, the module will impact on a larger public, composed of experts in agriculture and environment, as well economists, wider public engaged into economic activities within these sectors, civil society organizations, government bodies, providing knowledge on EU practices, programs and objectives.

The ENACT module will similarly be hosted by the International Business College Mitrovica, and will be implemented for three years starting on November 27th, 2020. Module activities will consist of lectures, group discussions and workshops across three courses, engagement of academics, practitioners and civil society through forums, innovation conferences, public keynote lectures, and a dedicated website, social media pages, a newsletter and publications which will facilitate the dissemination of the project’s outputs.

Mihone Kerolli Mustafa and Jelena Djokic will retain their roles as academic coordinator and programme manager of the new module, respectively, while Ekrem Gjokaj and Jelena Stanojevic will remain a key teaching staff members.

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