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On the 20th May 2021, IBC-M hosted an ERASMUS+ Informative Session that was organized in cooperation with ERASMUS+ Kosovo office. The following topics were covered: novelties under the 2021 call for proposals; Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters; Erasmus Mundus Design Measures; Jean Monnet, as well as, specifics for the 2022 call with a special focus on International Credit Mobility and projects for Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education.

The newest update on ERASMUS+ projects currently implemented at IBC-M were introduced by Project Management and Business Development office led by Prof. Dr. Mihone Kerolli-Mustafa, IBC-M College Director. Results achieved so far in project implementation and all benefits that IBC-M students and staff can obtain by being engaged in those projects were presented to all participants during the event. A special attention was paid to the Jean Monnet module “Best European Practices in Environment and Agriculture (ENACT)”. The module has been introduced within the Environmental and Agricultural Management Department for existing IBC-M students, but at the same time is open to students from partnering institutions through roundtable debates and workshops/seminars and training to the working professionals.